About us

Roubloff - art in itself!

Roubloff company was founded in 1988. Our company uses the best technology from German, Japanese, Italian and Chinese brush manufacturers, but at the same time we managed to keep Kirov methods of hair processing. Our catalogues will help you find a detailed description of our products. We produce special displays as well to make your store more convenient. We are proud of Roubloff products.

Roubloff facts and figures

Более 30 лет на рынке.

Более 30 лет на рынке.

Dealers in 30 countries

Dealers in 30 countries

More than 1500 items

More than 1500 items

The quality of Roubloff brsuhes was acknowledged by the certificate “100 best goods of Russia”

The quality of Roubloff brsuhes was acknowledged by the certificate “100 best goods of Russia”

More than 10 000 products shipped monthly

More than 10 000 products shipped monthly

Full cycle production in Russia

Manufacture of each brush is strictly controlled. Every step of production is brought to perfection. We do our possible and even impossible to create products of excellent quality and to meet the highest world standards.

Our team - our foundation!

A team of experienced professionals is a key to outstanding results. Each member plays an important role in our company being responsible for their own part of work.

Office managers

Office managers

Production department

  • Daria Eltysheva

    Head of Quality Control Department

  • Olga Obydennykh

    Forewoman of Brushmaking Shop

  • Marina Eltysheva

    Head of Brushmaking Shop

  • Alexandra Smirnova

    Forewoman of Hairprocessing Shop

  • Margarita Shilovskaya


  • Ilya Tutubalin

    Head of Woodworking Shop

  • Galina Strelkova

    Woodwork Spray Operator

  • Natalya Waghina


Synergy with artists

Our production process includes consulting artists who test each brush in order to bring them to perfection.

  • Sergey Gorbachev
    Sergey Gorbachev

    Honored artist of the Russian Federation,
    member of the Union of Russian Artists.

  • Konstantin Sterkhov
    Konstantin Sterkhov

    Member of Saint-Petersburg Watercolor Society.
    Russian artist.

  • Julia Bilej
    Julia Bilej

    International nail
    design artist.

  • Ekaterina Poimtseva
    Ekaterina Poimtseva

    International make-up artist, master
    of hand technics of eyebrows micropigmentation.

  • Ofelia Plard
    Ofelia Plard

    Blogger, master of nail
    varnish and acrylic painting on natural nails.

  • Tatiana Kudryavtseva
    Tatiana Kudryavtseva

    Founder of the Russian painting school
    of one-stroke technique

  • Мария Мишкарева
    Мария Мишкарева

    Художник, педагог
    автор обучающих онлайн и оффлайн курсов

Roubloff news

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25 February 2020

Март 29 – Март 30, 2020

Только 2 дня кисти бренда Roubloff будут представлены на крупнейшей выставке...

Trends of Beauty, Москва, 2020

Trends of Beauty, Москва, 2020

18 February 2020

Март, 3-5

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24 January 2020

01-15 и 15-21 февраля 2020 года в IWS SARE GALLERY MOSCOW пройдет 1-я ВЫСТАВКА РОССИЙСКИХ ХУДОЖНИКОВ-АКВАРЕ...